About me

Hi! My name is Angela aka "Mrs Biscuit". Everything you can find here is a fruit of my love to children illustration and ceramics. Hope you fall in love in my unicorns, whales, owls, cats, bunnies and all the guys - they can't wait to know you! If you have tiny bit of imagination you will find most devoted friends here. You are very welcome, enjoy.
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Most of my works are made by me from scratch. Forming raw clay, coting in glaze then decorating and painting. Each one is unique and one of a kind.
My items are three times fired. After forming, after glazing and after decorating. Thanks to glaze and special ceramic paints my items are durable and colors remain fresh. I also use geuine gold for decoration.
All of my creatures are like children to me. I love each one of them. Creating is my way of self expression but also opportunity to share this love with you.

The Process

Before idea in my head become ceramic creature it goes through long way:
First I take clay and form it in my hands, I use various tools to give it desired shape, sometime use just bare hands. After 1-2 day of drying have to sand my piece and put it into owen to fire so called "biscuit". Firing takes whole night so next day when owen cool down I can cover my biscuit in glaze and fire again. Glaze coat give nice shiny, smooth and very durable glasslike surface. 
Then comes the most fun and time consuming part - decorating. I use special ceramic paints and gold to give my works this unique look. Each dot and line is applied by hand what makes each piece one of a kind. When item is cover in paint I have to put it gently to owen for last firing and next day my new tiny friend is ready to travel across the world.

Contact me

My pets are dying to meet you and so as I am. Feel free to contact me!

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If you just want to say hi - go ahead :D - it would be great to know you

Also you can e-mail me directly at mrsbiscuitstudio@gmail.com as well as via FacebookInstagram or Etsy
Sobieskiego 105 Bielsko-Biała, PL
E-mail: mrsbiscuitstudio@gmail.com Phone: +48 578 907 158


My mission is to bring a bit of color to our sometimes gray everyday reality. To give you chance to smile even if you don't have reason to. To let you feel carefree like a child in imaginated world.
Since you are proud owner of one of my little friends I would love to encourage you to let him or her to be your everyday companion in this great adventure of life and share your adventures with me and rest of us. Be free, creative and spontaneous in it.
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